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Upflow filtration system.

Working of uplfow filtration system

The filter unit is a rotating drum. The rotation of the drum takes place by means of a dredging system activated by geared motor. Dirty coolant flows into the system through the inlet and passes through the drum. Heavy chips settle down to the bottom of the drum and are carried away by the conveyor. The fine particles are collected in the filtration belt. The belt passes over the back washing spray located inside the drum. The fine particles are cleaned off the belt and carried away in the form of sludge. Span upflow filter is a self cleaning filter which provides continuous filtration and steady supply of clean coolant. Due to its versatility it can be used for various application such as grinding, process of removing chips, industrial processes e.g. Industrial washing machine.

The basic advantages of conveyor system are as follows –

  1. The scraper scrapes of the bottom of main tank and discharge only solid dust and chips containing very little amount of coolant, into the settling tank.  
  2. There is no loss of coolant in the process.
  3. The suspended contaminants in the coolant get reduced to a very low level increasing the life of the coolant.


Increased coolant life
Increased production volume
No loss of coolant in the process
Low maintenance costs


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