Three benefits of magnetic separator

A magnetic separator is often the first filtration machine in an elaborate process of industrial coolant filtration. As the name suggests, magnets in the magnetic separator remove ferrous impurities from the coolant before the coolant undergoes additional filtration with a paper band filter. The size of the magnetic separator can vary as per the application requirements.

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Magnetic separators were one of the first machines to be used for filtration. They feature a simple design and offer highly efficient performance apart from bringing several other advantages.

Top 3 advantages of magnetic separator

A magnetic separator has a simple working principle.

The magnetic separator is made up of components including a lower belt, an upper belt, a vibratory feeder, and a magnet assembly. The basic component of a magnetic separator is magnets that are suspended from a ceiling, installed as a magnetic drum, or placed within a roller.

The dirty coolant will be introduced through the inlet and will travel to the outlet of the magnetic separator. While this happens, the magnets will attract the ferous particles, which will be thrown out of the separator by the rolling motion of the rollers.

A magnetic separator is versatile

The magnetic separator is capable of removing a wide variety of magnetic materials including 

minerals such as magnetite, as well as steel filings from metal processing material and iron particles. It can remove bulk materials, even attracting particles as small as 3mm. 

A magnetic separator delivers efficient performance

The magnetic separator has a high-intensity magnetic field that ensures very efficient separation of ferrous materials. Additionally, it can operate at high temperatures and is easy to operate and maintain. 


The magnetic separator is a critical machine that ensures efficient removal of ferrous materials, improves the coolant lifespan, and in doing so also enhances workplace safety.  An efficient and reliable magnetic separator can remove metal particles as small as 3mm. 

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