Centralised Coolant Filtration System

A centralized coolant filtration system is built to tackle filtration for the entire plant or a group of selected machines. Choice of the filtering mechanism depends of factors such as number of machines, the quality of lubricant required post-filtration, chip material involved, and the process type.

Centralised Coolant Filtration Systems for machining operation.

The Filteration system for machining operations has a design capacity of 8500 LPM. Some design features, which have evolved over the years, have ensured our success in this field, enabling us to guarantee the operation & degree of filtration of our units.

This automatic filtration system requires no attention other than normal preventive maintenance such as lubrication & periodic check on coolant & general operation of equipment.

Centralised Filtration System For Grinding Pressure Filter

Also known as Auto belt Filtration System is a fully automatic filtration system used for filtration of water-based emulsion the system has in it. The pressure filter has in it two shells namely the upper filter shell & bottom filter shell.

The Coolant solution after passing through the filter media gets filtered to a very high level & is collected in the bottom shell.