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Magnetic Deck Scraper Conveyor

Working of Magnetic Deck Scraper Conveyor

The conveyor gearbox is wired to rotate in the direction as indicated on the chain guard, i.e. to drag flats up the base of conveyor slope. If the conveyor runs in the incorrect direction it could result in damage. The main shaft is supported on the self-aligning bearings and requires no maintenance. The clean coolant is passed through a opening provided to trough of conveyor.

The basic advantages of conveyor system are as follows: –

  1. The scraper scrapes of the bottom of main tank and discharge only solid dust and chips containing very little amount of coolant, into the settling tank.
  2. There is no loss of coolant in the process.
  3. The suspended contaminants in the coolant get reduced to a very low level increasing the life of the coolant.


Improved workplace safety
Increased coolant life
Increased production volume
Little to no maintenance cost


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