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Cartridge Filter

Working of Cartridge Filter

Cartridge Filter consists of a shell fabricated from 2.5 mm thick M.S. sheet and it consist of cartridge filter element mounted in construction. Flow of coolant is out to in which supply clean coolant to machine through the filter with plumbing is provided for continuous working of the system.
Cartridge filter is a setup that offers diverse configurations for effective and efficient coolant filtration. Cartridge filters are used in applications such as honing, grinding, taping and bearing. Cartridge type filtration systems can be used as standalone units or they can be used in a series when the filtration volume is larger. Span Associates is a leading cartridge filter manufacturer in India. Span cartridge filter systems are compact in design, easy to maintain, and are offered in a number of different modules.


Easy to operate and maintain
Cost effective operation
Can be used as standalone or can be connected in a series


Cartridge Filter Specifications

Make – Filter specialties
Filter Assembly Consist of cartridge filter element.

Filter Element
Flow capacity 100 to 500 LPM.
Direction of filtration Out to in.
Filter Media S.S. or Thro’ away Paper Filter.
Micron rating 10/25/50/100 Microns.
Differential pressure at 0.1Kg/sq.cm. Clean stage
Element collapse rating 3Kg/sq.cm.
Operating temperature Upto 100C.
Dimensions 68 ID, 148 OD, 452mm Height.
Seals for filter NS Rubber with 70 TO 75 SH.

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