Specialized Products

Span Associates provides specialised equipment for specific applications like phospating sludge removal, grinding dust handling, aluminum chip handling and crushing and so on.

Grinding Dust Hydraulic Compactor

Hydraulic compactors are ideal machines for fine dust control coming from the grinding process. The dust from the waste handling lies as a fine layer all over the entire plant and the surroundings. To avoid this problem the dust is collected through a filter with a cell lock.

Span Associates Grinding dust hydraulic compactor is a specially designed fully efficient and highly accurate grinding dust compactor. Our grinding dust compactors are robust, economical, and have a long service life.

Sludge Separator for phosphating solution

Phosphating is a chemical process for treating the steel's surface. where barely soluble metal-phosphate layers are formed on the base material. Zinc phosphates build up sludge on the bottom of phosphating tanks.

Sludge separators for phosphating solutions from Span Associates are designed to efficiently remove solid particles up to 5 microns. These separators are best suited for applications like Iron, zinc, and zinc phosphates.

Chip Crusher Pump

Coolant lubricant many times has aluminum chips or particle that need to filter and crushed during the coolant filtration processes. An agitator located at the pump suction helps to break up and separate any large bundles of chips that reach the pump suction.

Span Associates with its strong expertise in coolant filtration provides a superior quality Aluminium chip cutter pump which is economical, durable, easy to use and requires less energy.

Aluminium Chip Drying Centrifuge

The aluminum chips drying process has become progressively important in recycling chips, and to achieve a high metal recovery, and reclaiming expensive coolant.

Span Associates supplies an Aluminium chip drying centrifuge with an advanced automatic heating system. Our chip drying centrifuge ensures trouble-free operations, and maximum recovery of coolants and comes at economical pricing.