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Centrifuge System

Working of centrifuge system

Span Centrifuge system is designed for water based coolant & low viscosity Oil filtration. The Centrifuge is driven by 3 HP, 2-Pole specially designed motor & the bowl is mounted directly on the shaft of motor. The entire Centrifuge assembly is mounted on anti-vibration mound and the assembly is perfectly balanced. The liquid/oil to be filtered is pumped to the Centrifuge through the inlet. The oil gets guided to the wall of Centrifuge by the special design of the bowl.
The fine dust gets separated because of high centrifugal force acting on the particles which is 20 times the gravitational force. The rubber bowl inside the Centrifuge holds the fine dust sticking to its wall. The clean oil exits the centrifuge bowl and comes out to the clean coolant outlet of the Centrifuge. The rubber basket can be easily removed by unlocking the lid and can be cleaned manually.


Environmentally friendly operation
No disposable filter media required
Reclamation of separated products


Technical Specification


The Centrifuge is supplied with electrical control panel with following features – 

  1. DC injection braking
  2. Interlocking of lid when the bowl is rotating
  3. Over-load indication
  4. Timer for indicating bowl is full and needs cleaning

The flow capacity of Centrifuge is 80 to 100 LPM for water based coolant & low viscosity oils up to 6-8 CST and 60 LPM for high viscosity oils.

Applications of centrifuge system

  1. Thread Grinding Machines
  2. Gear Grinding Machines
  3. Honing Machines
  4. Spark Erosion Machines

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