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Bag Filter

Working of Bag Type Filter

It consist of a shell fabricated from 2.5 mm thick M.S. sheet and it consist of bag type filter mounted in construction flow of coolant is IN to OUT.
Filter pump supplied clean coolant to machine through the filter with plumbing is provided for continuous working of the system.


Prevent tool breakage and machine shutdown
Low operating and maintenance costs
Remarkable increase in tool life
Increased machine uptime

Specifications of Bag Type Filter

Make – Filter specialties. Filter assembly Consist of bag element.

Filter Housing
Material of construction CRCA SHEET 2.5 mm & MS plates 10mm thick.
Operating pressure 3.0Kg/sq.cm.
Clogging indication At 2Kg/sq.cm. Max. pressure drop(across filter)
Seals Gasket (Nitrile rubber)

Filter Element
Flow capacity From 60 LPM to 500 LPM.
Direction of filtration In to Out.
Filter Media Polyster felt bag with Nylon cloth lining.
Micron rating 25 Microns.
Differential pressure at 0.1Kg/sq.cm. Clean stage
Clean stage.
Element collapse rating 7Kg/sq.cm.
Operating temperature Upto 100 Deg.Centigrade.
Dimensions 110 ID, 610mm Height.
Seals for filter O ring & hose clamp of 4”size.

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