Coolant Filtration Systems for Rolling Mills

Span Associates has been working closely with rolling mill manufacturerrs for last 3 decades. With such a strong expertise we have not only developed new products but also changed traditional products and methods.

We are a leading Manufacturer of Industrial Roll Coolant Filtration Systems, Roll Coolant Filtration System, Roll Coolant System Copper Brass, Stainless Steel Rolling Mill Precoat Filter, Strip Grinding Machine Filtration System and Coolant Filtration System in India

Coolant Filtration Systems for Rolling Mills - Copper /Brass

Compact band filters
Compact band filters are best suited for instances with space restrictions and dirty media is transferred using pumps these filters can be used in centralized or remote locations.

Span associates compact band filters for copper/brass rolling mills are fully automatic and very easy to maintain. We provide customized designs to suit your specific requirements.

Coolant Filtration Systems for Rolling Mills - Aluminum cold

Multi-stack Precoat filter
Span Associates is one of the leading manufacturers of Multi stack precoat filters that are used for aluminum cold foil rolling mills. Paper is used from the base material of the Multi-Plate Stack Filter. These filters are well known for separating solids from liquids, slurries, and suspensions like aqueous feed streams.

Span associates Multi stack precoat filters are ideal for high flow rates like 500 LPM and more and guarantee 95% fluid recovery.

Coolant Filtration Systems for Rolling Mills - Stainless Steel

Stainless steel rolling mills filtration system has many functions. It has to remove the scale and scum generated during rolling. The temperature has to be controlled along with flow and pressure.

Span Associates provides endless belt vacuum band filtration which one of the advanced technology in fluid filtration system which requires no consumables. An Endless belt filter is used as the filter media and again with liquid backwash, resulting in effective separation of sludge from the filter media.