What is paper band filter and how it works

The paper band filter is the oldest and the simplest among all coolant filtration systems. A key feature that makes this system fairly low-cost is that it uses dirt to capture dirt and filter the coolant. To elaborate, dirt from the coolant builds up on the filter media over time to form a dirt cake. … Read more

Three benefits of magnetic separator

A magnetic separator is often the first filtration machine in an elaborate process of industrial coolant filtration. As the name suggests, magnets in the magnetic separator remove ferrous impurities from the coolant before the coolant undergoes additional filtration with a paper band filter. The size of the magnetic separator can vary as per the application … Read more

Three Factors impacting your coolant quality

Dirty coolant can cause a lot of issues including damage to the machines, affecting the final product quality, and endangering the health of workers on the shop floor. Maintaining the quality of the coolant is thus not an option but an obligation for businesses. While proper storage and right usage play a role in maintaining … Read more